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Sagua Mañagu & MPG
What is Sagua Mañagu? We are a free-standing birth center offering women and their families the opportunity to enrich their childbirth experience.
472 Chalan San Antonio, PeMar Place, Tamuning, Guam

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Don’t You Just Love Sagua Mañagu & Marianas Physicians Group?

Women's Health For the last 15 years, we have committed ourselves to the service of women and their families by • Striving for excellence in healthcare; • Providing patient education; and • Building relationships with our patients and their families. smmpg-staffWe are a team of professionals who love what we do and want to prepare for the next 15 years of service to women. Our specialty is healthcare. What we need to better serve our patients and their families is a specialist in the field of marketing and public relations. We’re looking for an individual or firm that has a keen understanding and appreciation for women’s health and services. “Our Focus is on Her.” It’s not just a tag line. It is the basis for everything we do at Sagua Mañagu and Marianas Physicians Group (MPG). Skills/Experience Needed: Excellent writing skills Strong verbal communication Marketing & communications experience Traditional and Social media experience A personal philosophy regarding women’s health and childbirth Two 5-month Projects Our intent is to hire an individual or firm full-time to work with Sagua Mañagu and MPG on two key projects that will run from now and through July 2015. #1 MPG Women’s Health Manage and coordinate our MPG Women’s Health’s activities through July 2015 #2 Sagua’s 15th Anniversary – July 20, 2015 Create and execute a plan for celebrating Sagua Mañagu’s 15 years as Guam’s first and only birthing center Notice of Interest & Intent If you are interested, please send your Notice of Interest & Intent to my attention at [email protected] by end of business on Wednesday, March 11, 2015. Kindly include your name, a contact number and the best time of day to reach you by phone. Thank you for your interest.
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Nurses Station: 671-647-1417/18
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Clinic Telephone: 671-647-1830 Billing/Patient Affairs: 671-647-1818/19

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Sagua Mañagu & The Marianas Physicians Group are both located at: 472 Chalan San Antonio, PeMar Place, Tamuning, Guam. For detailed directions, View Google Map.
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