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Education is one of the core values for Sagua Mañagu and Marianas Physicians Group.  It is an essential part of quality healthcare.  With knowledge freely exchanged between our staff and patients, women and their families are able to assume shared responsibility for, and make informed decisions about their health care.
Over the years, we have expanded our class offerings from Lamaze® and Orientation to include classes on basic prenatal care, newborn care, parenting & safety, and a popular new class for first-time fathers, Baby Daddy.   In addition, Marianas Physicians Group now offers nutritional counseling to MPG patients who are dealing with diabetes, hypertension, fertility issues and weight. All the classes offered at Sagua Mañagu and Marianas Physicians Group are led by licensed healthcare professionals. Please bear in mind that all class schedules are subject to change without notice. Please contact our birthing center for any questions or to confirm your class.
Instructor:  Barbara C. Mafnas, RN, LCCE, CLC, IBCLC Typical Fees: Lamaze (Traditional 5-day series, Customized 2-day, Crash Course 1–day) $100 per couple. Lamaze Refresher Class $75 per couple Breastfeeding 101, Prenatal Care, Orientation, Sibling Class, Baby Daddy, Eating Right During Pregnancy, and Parenting & Safety: NO CHARGE. All classes are held at the Sagua Mañagu Birthing Center in the Education Room. Please call us at 647-1417/18 to schedule a class.

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